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St. Joseph Early Childhood Center

of All Saints Parish

100 Bellevue Ave

Haverhill, MA 01832

Miss Carol J. Simone, Principal

Main office 978-521-4256

E.C.C. 978-372-0111

FAX 978-521-2613







Dear Parents,


This handbook contains many, though not all, of the policies that we as a school need to set down in print so that the purposes of our school can be realized. We aim to educate students in an orderly atmosphere that is respectful, safe, and conducive to learning for all.  With mutual cooperation of the home, the student, and the school, we will establish that peaceful, Christ-like environment that allows everyone to thrive. May this be a year of growth and peace for us all.




“Roman Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Boston base not only their educational purposes but all their activities on the Christian teaching of the essential equality of all men as rooted in the fatherhood of God, Christ’s love and man’s supernatural destiny.


Thus, with discrimination so repugnant to their nature and mission, Catholic schools in the Archdiocese have not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin or physical well-being in administration of educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school administered programs.”




St. Joseph School of All Saints Parish serves students from Nursery – Pre-K through grade eight from Haverhill, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas. We offer a challenging academic program integrated with Catholic values in a safe and welcoming environment.

 We strive to develop an awareness and concern for the less fortunate through the practice of the Corporal Works of Mercy.




St. Joseph School of All Saints Parish strives to foster the four-fold dimension of Catholic education; “message, community, worship, and service.”


In order to equip the students with moral values, knowledge, and skills needed to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, the faculty and staff of St. Joseph School of All Saints Parish aim to:


   1.      Develop within each student an awareness of one’s dignity as a child of God and         responsibility to other members of God’s family and to the environment.


   2.      Strive to maintain academic excellence by challenging each student to work to the best of his/her potential.


   3.      Respect the culturally diverse community and to strive to meet the spiritual, academic, and social needs of those served.


   4.      Help develop the uniqueness of each student by encouraging independent thinking

            and responsible, life long learning.




“Students and teachers in non-public schools are not protected by federal constitutional law because private schools are private agencies. When a student enrolls in a Catholic school, that student and/or the parents voluntarily surrender certain constitutional protections while in the Catholic school.”


As excerpted from:

School Handbooks: Some Legal Considerationsby Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, Ph.D. 




A monthly fee of $6.00 is due on the first Monday of each month. This fee should be paid in cash and placed in an envelope marked with your child’s name on it.




Parents are responsible for the regular attendance of their children. Frequent absence and/or tardiness may adversely affect a student’s academic performance and social development.


Parents are asked to telephone the E.C.C. (978-372-0111) when a child will be absent. Upon the child’s return to school, a written note stating the reason for the absence is a necessity even if the school was previously called. The school must record absences.


If you have children at the Main School, please drop them off first before coming to the E.C.C. Any child arriving before 8:15 am will be charged $ 5.00 for extended day care.






Asbestos was removed in the main building in the summer of 2005.  Other asbestos is contained. The school follows the state regulations for periodic inspection and record maintenance.




Each child should have a backpack large enough to carry their snack/lunch, folder, extra change of clothes and art smock. Nothing should be dangling from their backpack.




Bus transportation is not available for students in Pre-K, because of state regulations.




It is vital that the E.C.C. office has up-to-date contact information. Parents are asked to notify the office as soon as possible in the event of such change. Communication and the safety of your child depend on such information.




Any concerns about child abuse should be reported to school personnel.




Parents who have concerns about the action of a teacher must first contact the teacher through the office phone or by letter to the teacher. If a satisfactory solution is not reached, a three-way conference among the parent, teacher, and principal may be held. Sometimes the student may be involved in this conference, as well.


Parents who have concerns about school policy or its operation should first contact the principal directly. Going through the proper chain of command is a simple act of respect. Parents and/or guardians who do not agree with and support school policies or do not display a cooperative role in the school-home relationship may be asked to remove their child from the school. The pastor is the final recourse for concerns.





Certain details of a student’s record and confidences are considered confidential. Parent conferences should not be discussed within the presence of a child. Gossip and derogatory remarks about the school are not conducive to the respectful and cooperative atmosphere desired. All persons, school personnel, and parents need to refrain from expressing their frustrations and gripes to other members of the school community. We all have a stake in the reputation of the school. When a problem arises, please speak to the appropriate person involved. Student information should be expressed only to those who have a need to know.


Students have the right to confide in teachers without fear of personal information being spread to others; however, any information that involves the safety of self or others is not a matter that can be held in confidence. In this case, the teacher is by law duty-bound to protect the people involved.





Children are encouraged and expected to show respect and concern for others, to express themselves in a positive way, and to show self-control. Those that are consistently unable to exhibit self-control, or that cause harm to others, will be separated from other children and spoken to. Parents will be contacted and a parent/teacher conference will be scheduled.




At the end of the school day, morning session or full day session, parents should wait in the church parking lot. The children will be brought out to meet you by our staff.


Please do not park in the fire lanes or block other cars in the parking lot. Never park in front of the garage doors.




The E.C.C. does not have a specific dress code. However, we do stress the need for you to send your children in comfortable clothing that they are able to manage on their own. All children’s belongings must be labeled with their name.




Emergency forms are handed out at open house. These forms mustbe filled out and returned before or on the child’s first day of school. Emergency forms should be accurate and up-to-date. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school of any changes. The following information must be kept on file:


  1. Parents’/guardians’ names
  2. Address
  3. Home and work phone number
  4. Emergency phone number and names of relatives or friends
  5. Physician’s name and phone number
  6. Medical alert information


If necessary, a note specifying that a child may not be picked up by a certain person must be submitted to the office for the student’s file, accompanied by documentation.




Extended Day care is offered before and after school for those who we feel have adapted to the program. Forms must be filled out before your child can attend. The cost of extended day care is $5.00 per hour which is billed on a weekly basis... Bills not pain on time will be subject to a late fee.




A field trip is an educational experience outside the school setting. Only the official field trip permission form will be accepted for parent permission; a note is not sufficient. A copy of the field trip permission slip will be available later as an addendum to this handbook. Parents will be given sufficient notice so the cost can be met.





Fire drills will be conducted as often as necessary to insure that students and staff understand their escape route and are familiar with the procedures. Children are prepared ahead of time for these drills. We understand that this can be stressful for some young children.




There is only one mandatory fundraiser for the Early Childhood Center. It is the required T-Shirt Fundraiser. All Pre -K parents will receive information about all fundraisers. Please understand that your participation benefits the whole school. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.




St. JosephSchooldoes not have regular nursing care; the school nurse is employed by the city and is present at the main school on a part-time basis.


All students must have on file a current immunization record as required by Massachusetts’ laws. Health records should have up-to-date emergency information, as well. Changes in a child’s health must be reported to the school.


A student with a communicable disease who is still contagious should not be in school. Children must be fever free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school after an illness.


Asthma inhalers and epi-pens are the only medications staff will supervise. A written physician’s order is necessary. A student on antibiotics can take them before and after school.






The pastor is the spokesperson for the school, though he may designate the principal. In the pastor’s absence, the principal is automatically the spokesperson. At no time should a student, school employee, or parent speak to the media about school business without prior discussion with the principal. This is especially important in the event of a school emergency.




In the absence of a court order signed by a judge, the school will provide the non-custodial parent with access to the academic records and to other school-related information regarding their child. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the school with and official copy of the court order. The school cannot and therefore will not comply with requests otherwise.




Nursery – Pre-K Parent-Teacher conferences are not regularly scheduled. If parent or teacher feel a conference is needed, a brief note or phone call stating the desire to meet is necessary. Conferences should always be held by appointment so that the teacher can gather the proper documents and thoughts needed for a productive conference.


Kindergarten parents have conferences when picking up their child’s first report card.





Students and staff share certain spiritual and religious experiences; they are at the heart of the school’s mission. A Catholic school is not merely an alternative setting to the public school! While the sacraments are only appropriate for properly educated Catholics, all students are expected to participate in the spiritual life of the school. Being of another faith does not excuse a student from participation in such celebrations. Classroom prayer is held every day. These times help students and staff to develop their relationship with our God who transcends all.





Promotions and retentions are based on an evaluation of the academic, physical, social and emotional growth of a student, and attendance. Parents can assume their child will be promoted unless the alternative of retention has been discussed during the year. The principal is always involved in retention discussions. Parents will be consulted about retention; however, the final decision rests with the school, which certifies what a student has learned. All that we do is for the benefit of the child.







Progress reports are sent home in February and at the end of the year for both Nursery and Pre K students. 




Children must be toilet trained and fully independent in their bathroom skills.




If financial obligations are in arrears, registration for the next school year will be questionable.




Sexual harassment is recognized as a form of sex discrimination and thus a violation of the laws that prohibit sex discrimination. Unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, may constitute sexual harassment when:

  1. submission to such conduct is made either implicitly or explicitly
  2. such conduct has the purpose of effect of unreasonable interfering with an individual’s work or educational performance or creating and intimidating, hostile, or offensive working or educational environment




Toys are not allowed in school except on scheduled show-n-tell days. Those children that attend our full day program may also keep a stuffed animal or blanket in their backpack for rest time.






We do not supply snack or lunch for children. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide a nutritious snack and drink for their child each morning. Children that stay all day must also bring a cold lunch. Please be sure to send a separate drink for morning snack and lunch. Soda and glass bottles or containers are not allowed in school.





Student records are maintained in the school office. These records contain a student’s educational history as well as family information.


If a student is transferring to another school, parents must request an Authorization for Release of Student Records form from the office. This must be signed before records can be sent. Records may not be sent if financial obligations have not been met. Records cannot be carried by the parent to other schools.



All children must have a complete change of clothes and an art smock in their backpack at all times in case of accidents, and to protect clothing from messy art projects.




The school or the principal retains the right to amend the handbook for just cause. Not every situation can be anticipated in advance. This document may be amended throughout this year, or in the future.




St. Joseph E.C.C. of All Saints Parish welcomes volunteers. Parent involvement has been shown by research to enhance student achievement. It is important for volunteers to know that their actions reflect on the school and that their efforts are always under the principal’s authority. The principal is responsible for all school programs and business and, therefore, must be informed of everything before it occurs rather than afterward.

All volunteers must fill out a CORI Form and attend Protecting Gods Children class.


Parent help is needed, requested, and appreciated.




If Haverhill has cancelled school, St. Joseph School will be cancelled as well. Extended Daycare will also be cancelled for the day. Please listen to WBZ radio 1030 A.M. or watch the Boston television stations for no school announcements.










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