December 6, 2013

Dear Parents,

Happy St. Nicholas' Day!  The children learned about his kindnesses to children as a priest and bishop in Asia Minor long ago.  They also learned that people in Europe celebrate his day by putting their shoes out for a treat.  And the children received their own treats from him!

We have been practicing a lot for our pageant next week.  We hear so much about the short shopping season--how about the short weeks to learn about the season in school!  We are trying to stuff these few days full of Christmas!  Speaking of, we made reindeer heads for cooking--delicious!  And we traced and made reindeer to hang in the room.

The children took Progress Test 4 in reading and did very well--20 out of 24 children scored 94% or higher with 13 scoring 100%!  Wow!  We also started our new workbook--Icky (short for Ichabod).  We have discussed that it is the 3rd vowel we have learned and that it can say many sounds, but we will learn the short sound as in igloo and insect.  Icky loves to watch TV, so we have been looking for "i" sounds in all of his TV shows.  We have also looked for the short I sound in the middle of words.  The children are sounding out everything now--hopefully at home too!

The children finished up Chapter 4 on numbers to 12 with a bang.  They did so well on the test--19 children scored 92% or higher with 10 earning 100%!!  Then the children began Chapter 5, numbers to 31.  If your child still struggles with number recognition, please practice them at home.  We also worked on the number 12.

Last Wednesday's dress down day ended up being free for the children as we collected so many canned goods for the pantry.  So if you paid for it, Mrs. Finn saved the dollar and will apply it to next Wednesday's dress down day.  If you didn't send it in yet, don't forget it for next Wednesday which is also a half day, with dismissal at 10:45.

Wintry weather will be showing up sooner or later!  We go by Haverhill Public School decisions because of the buses.  If it is a delayed opening, school will start at 10:05, with no morning daycare.  You can get automatic text messages from the school (an email was sent earlier) or you can get the information from TV or computer.

We did two Promise magazines this week.  On Monday we did the previous Sunday's Gospel for the first Sunday of Advent.  The children were told to save that magazine as there is something to do each week during Advent.  Promise magazine goes away from Sunday's Gospel again this week.  We discussed both--John the Baptist telling people to be ready for Jesus' coming and the angel Gabriel coming to tell Mary she will be the mother of Jesus.  As commercial as Christmas is now, this is a wonderful age to talk about the beautiful Christmas story!  They are usually charmed by it and love to play with the class Nativity scenes.

Next Thursday is the Christmas Pageant. Pleas bring your child to church at 5:45 and meet one of us in then back section of where we usually sit. Then on Friday, the children will go to the Christmas Carnival in our Gym with their Study Buddy.  If you send in money, the children will enjoy buying a cookie or another treat and playing some games.  $5.00 should be plenty!

Have a great weekend and try to remember the "reason for the season" for your child's sake as well as yours!

Mrs. Teri Lyons and Mrs. Laurie Finn

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