St. Joseph School Gives Back

 Here at St. Joseph School not only do we teach Catholic Values in the classroom we demonstrate Catholic Values in the community.  As a school we like to show our support for our community and also for charities within the community.  Please read on for a small sample of the community charities and events highlighted and how “St. Joseph School Gives Back”  along with any support that you as a parent or member of the community can give.


St. Joseph School brings comfort to children at the Tufts Floating Hospital Boston..

What if you could bring some comfort into the life of a sick child, teach your child one of life’s greatest lessons and all with very little exertion?

Through the efforts of some truly kind and generous people in our SJS community you have the opportunity.

With the inspiration and assistance of one of her former students, Mrs. Lyons, our Kindergarten teacher, has been sewing blankets for the children of Boston’s Floating Hospital.  These blankets are truly unique – one side is fleece while the other is terry cloth towel.  The kids choose their own blankets, something special just for them, so that while they are in the hospital receiving treatment they have something fun and cuddly to help brighten their day. 

Throughout the year, families have been donating fleece and towels for Mrs. Lyons to work on.  But we need your help!  While Mrs. Lyons is willing to put in all the labor, she needs the material.  This is where you come in... 

Take your child and head to the store – let them choose some fleece (we need 1 yard) or a particularly cheerful bath towel, let them know it will be used to help brighten the day of a child that is sick and staying in the hospital, then let them bring it to Mrs. Lyons down in the Kindergarten.  They can see the stacks of blankets that are ready to go in the hallway and know that they have made a difference for another kid.

Take a look at this article highlighting the event for the 2011/2012 school year.

This project directly reflects our mission to help our students develop an awareness and concern for the less fortunate through the practice of the Corporal Works of Mercy.  

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