PTO Projects –

The first SJS PTO project (H.O.P.E) is complete.  The installation of the playground equipment rounded out the project in April 2012.  Only a few small items are left such as a four square and a basket ball outline in the upper play ground.

The next PTO project is to update the Snack Shack in the gymnasium.  The goal is to bring updated fixtures to the area so that is can be used during school and sports events.  Contact Linda O'Connell if you are interested in getting involved in this project.

Help Our Playground Evolve (H.O.P.E)

St. Joseph School has been a thriving part of the Haverhill community since 1888.  In that time the school has continually grown and changed to meet the needs of its student body through the vision of its leadership.

 Our late Pastor, Father Dennis Nason, called on the school leaders to spotlight the exterior of the school.  He felt that the public image of St. Joseph has weakened and if we wished to present an image of our school to the public that was reflective of the wonderful work that happens within then we must continue  make the outside of our Building look  spectacular.

To meet one of these needs, the PTO created a project called H.O.P.E. - Help Our Playground Evolve. HOPE concentrated on making the lower playground a safer and more eye pleasing sight along with giving the children a fun and safe place to play.

 This vision has come to life!!!  During April of 2012, the installation of the playground equipment and safety surfacing was installed and our children are enjoying the new play area. 


Project accomplishments:

The asphalt on the upper and lower school yards have been re-surfaced; fencing was replaced to a new black chain link.  These two updates made the ground level and also enclosed the lower school yard from the upper portion along with running a fence along the side of the hill in the lower school yard.  Thanks to our wonderful school these two upgrades were possible.  The PTO repaired the cement wall in the lower school yard, installed the playground equipment and safety surfacing in the lower school yard along with painting kick ball bases, four square and basket ball lines in the upper school yard.

 In addition the playground was dedicated to Farther Nason to honor his memory.   The dedication of the playground took place on May 2ndjust before our School’s Academic Fair.

The Playground committee along with School Families, Faculty members, Our school Pastor and Principal, PTO President and School Board Chair welcomed Fr. Nason’s family and our own Mayor for the formal dedication and ribbon cutting.

A big thank you to everyone who made this possible from Event Chairs to those who supported an SJS PTO event we thank you and could have never achieve this without your support!!!!!! 

And a huge thank you goes out to our Playground committee for without their dedication, hard work and vision this could not have been possible.

Pictured below is the SJS Playground Committee Gina Cedear, Scott Delrymple, Tiffany Corcoran, Kelly Simard, Andrea Fogerty, Lynnette DiFloures, Jim Corcoran, Janelle Bosanski,  and Erin Harrington (not pictured Tony DiFloures and Greg Cedar)  along with SJS Principal Carol Simone, Pastor Fr. Tim Kearney, PTO President CJ Enos and School Board Chair Bob Hall.


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