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  2014-2015 PTO Officers

President: Meghan Lind
Duties:  Include overseeing PTO and all events that happen with the PTO.  Hold monthly meetings for parents and teachers.  Assist SJS school Principal with any projects and activities as requested.

Vice President:  Jenna Bonanno
Duties:  Assist PTO President with decision making on all aspects of PTO.  Ability to cover for PTO president when needed.

Treasurer: Jen Lynch
Duties: Establish and Manage PTO yearly budget. Communicate to SJS parents and staff any PTO events and finances on a monthly basis via Monthly PTO meetings and newsletters.

Secretary:  Christine Bellavance
Duties:  Take meeting minutes for all PTO meetings and publish to PTO President and Vice President.  Initiate and distribute Monthly PTO newsletter and PTO mailings when needed

Room Rep Coordinator: Tamee Akstin
Duties:  Coordinate sign up of room reps at beginning of school year.  Publish room listing.  Communicate throughout the school year with room reps.

Box Top Coordinator:  Cathy Christy
Duties: Collect and submit Box tops 2x per year.  Coordinate any Box Top contests. This program offers SJS money for each box top turned in. This money goes toward assemblies for the children.

Campbell Soup Label Coordinator: Tamee Akstin
Collect and Coordinate the submission of Campbell Soup Labels.  This program offers SJS equipment based on the number of soup labels turned in.

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