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Saint Joseph School of All Saints Parish - Room Reps

Each school year Room Reps are needed to help out with classroom parties and coordinate dessert Tuesday’s and help out with PTO events.  Sign ups are done at the beginning of  the school year. Below is a list of responsibilities for Room Reps:



  • Attend monthly PTO meetings.  If there is more than one room rep, then each room rep can take a turn attending meetings.  The goal is to try and have each grade represented at each of the meetings. This will allow for proper communication between all parents/grades. IT is MANDATORY that all Room Rep Coordinators attend at least 3/4 of the PTO meetings.
  • Be an ambassador to all new families entering into grade/class during the year .
  • Coordinate classroom parties for the teachers. (See individual teacher for info.)
  •  Organize auction or Christmas Carnival basket for classroom.
  • Chair, Co-Chair or volunteer at least one PTO school event.
  • Grade 1 room reps are responsible for coordinating K Graduation (mandatory event)
  • Grade 7 room reps are responsible for coordinating Grade 8 awards night (mandatory event)



As a Room Rep our responsibility is to act as a liaison between you and the classroom Teacher  for events that happen in the class, i.e. holiday parties, classroom projects (Auction/Christmas Carnival baskets),  and field trips.  The room rep will be in touch with the class room parent to  let you know what is needed and how you can contribute to make PTO events a success. 



Below are the Room Reps for the 2012 / 2013 school Year.  Please click on Room Rep Name to send the room rep an e-mail:  If you cannot click on the name please contact the school office for e-mail address at sjshav@comcast.net or you can contact CJ Enos at cj.enos@yahoo.com


                    2012-2013  ROOM Rep List:




Name Class Room  
Michele Beckshaw K - Lyons  
Jenna Bonanno K - Lyons  
Jen Lynch Jata  K - Lyons  
Tami Sifferlen K - Lyons  
Michelle McGee K - Lyons  
Cathy Christy K-Spero  
Tracey Dupre 1 Silvia  
LindaO’Connell 1 White  
Gina Ceder 2 Callahan  
Kelly Connors 2 Callahan  
Kelley Bateman 2 Callahan  
 Kelly Simard 3 Fitzgerald  
 Andrea Nichols 3 Fitzgerald  
 Linda O’Connell 4 LaPlume  
 Kelly Connors 4 LaPlume  
 Lynnette DiFloures 4 Ziembo  
 Tiffany Corcoran 4 Ziembo  
 Joni Belfiore 4 Ziembo  
 Andrea Nichols  5 Bryant  
 Viola Jallah-Wright 5 Bryant  
 Tracey Dupre 5 Jones  
 LindaO’Connell 6 Fitzgerald  
 Nicole Constabile 6 Fitzgerald  
 Dawn DiPersio 6 Fitzgerals  
 Nicole Constabile 6 Price  
CJ Enos 6 Price  
Michele Beckshaw 7 Florent  
Christy Hubbard 7 Florent  
Julie Barton 8 Kurto  
 CJ Enos 8 Ordway