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There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at St. Joseph School. In fact, we encourage parents, grandparents, students, faculty, school staff,  and teachers, alike to get involved with various volunteer projects both in and outside of the school.

There are many benefits, both personal and professional, to volunteering. Skill development, professional experience, reducing stress, saving resources, personal growth and of course having an impact and making a difference in the school and community are just a few of the rewards.

Below are just some of the volunteer opportunities that currently exist within St. Joseph School. Please contact the school office or PTO Committee to learn more.


  • -School Events (set-up, clean up, providing food items such as baked goods and snacks).
  • -PTO Events (Bake Sales, Christmas Carnival, Book Fairs) See below for this year’s events.
  • -Room representative
  • -Lunch Monitor
  • -Teaching CCD
  • -Assisting teachers in preparing work packets
  • -Building and Grounds Committee for maintenance and building upkeep
  • -Donated Goods and Services

But you are not limited to just these!   Do you have a volunteer opportunity that you think the school should get involved in or start? If so, please share! You can contact the school office or the PTO with your ideas!

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