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Saint Joseph School of All Saints Parish - Events/Fundraisers


Each year the PTO has family fundraisers throughout the school year.  Each event is voluntary and helps the PTO maintain a healthy account in order to fulfill larger school improvement/projects. 


This year our PTO project is HOPE (Help Our Playgroud Evolve) in memory of Fr. Nason.  The proceed from PTO events/fundraisers will be used to make significant improvements to our lower school playground.  Below is a list of the PTO fundraisers scheduled for this school year.  For more information on HOPE and to see how much has been raise so far this year,  see the project page under PTO news.


2012/2013  PTO Events & Fundraisers:


Fall Book Fair N. Constabile
Fall Bake Fair M. Beckshaw
Christmas Carnival Gina Ceder
Snowflake Balll CJ Enos
5K Road Race  
Square 1 Art Kelly Connors/Kelly Simard
Spring Book Fair TBA
Box Tops Tracey Dupre
Campbell Soup Labels Tamee Akstin
Juice Box Brigade  
P.T.O. Website Maintenance CJ Enos
Halloween Social K. Wolf
 You're Fired K. Simard