Dear Parents:

Thank you for showing an interest in our Extended Day Care. We at St. Joseph School are happy to offer this to our working parents who need care for their children before and/or after the regular school day.


The programs are:

Before School 7:00 A.M.

After School 2:15 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

This may be for one day to five days as needed and for as many hours as needed. When the time goes beyond the 1/2 hour, the charge will be for the hour.

When needing service, send in a note to the teacher the day before the service is needed or call the office if the need comes up the same day.

Here is some pertinent information for you.

The Extended Day Care Program is staffed by experienced teachers and other adults. These people will work together to help each child grow in maturity and self-respect. The program allows children to experience activities that compliment the philosophy and value system of the school and family.

The morning 7:00 A.M. children will be supervised. The afternoon 2:15 - 5:00 P.M. program will consist of snack time, games, play, and recreation.

Fees and Pick-ups:

Additional areas of parental responsibility are in the matters of prompt fee payment, and prompt pick-up in the late afternoon. Your child is to be picked up and signed out in the caferteria. Enter the school by the middle door.

As previously mentioned, the program is entirely financed by the fees.

$6:00/hr. for one child, $11:00/hr. for two children and $16:00 for three children .


Another area of concern, and also related to the child's welfare, is the matter of telephone messages.

Parents or guardians may wish to telephone the Extended Day Program asking that their child be directed to go to various places after school. There is always the possibility that a person other than a parent or guardian might telephone. Therefore, the staff will call the parent back to verify the message before and such request will be granted. Extended Day Phone #: is 978-374-7439

With the same potential problem in mind, Extended Day Program staff will not accept a telephone request to call a cab for a child.

Holiday/Snow Days:

When school is canceled because of a Holiday, the weather, or for any reason, Extended Day services are automatically canceled.

When there is a delayed opening of school because of the weather, Extended Day program will not be open in the A.M..


Toys From Home:

It is requested that children not bring toys from home. Often these items are very personal and important, so the child feels they must be defended and protected. This is not consistent with the "sharing" values encouraged in our large family atmosphere. If a personal toy becomes a source of problems, it will be confiscated until the child leaves for home.

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