A+ for Catholic Education at

We chose a Catholic Education at St. Joseph School because:


*of our religious belief in a Catholic educaation. Our son began SJS at the age o 3 at th ECC. He had a wonderful learning eperience there and it just kept growing as he enters each grade level at the big school. His teachers are wonderful and put their "all" into their jobs. We appreciate all that is done at SJS including the teaching of religious values, academic excellence, and social needs.


*as a child I attended St. Mary's School and really enjoyed the closeness at the school. I found that you get more attention payed to the students and it is a healthy environment. Also it is great to keep up with our children's religious backround.


*because we wanted our child to follow in our family tradition. His great grandmother, uncle, and myself attended St. Joseph School. My child is learning a good foundation based on respect, discipline and living a good Catholic life. It starts right from kindergarten - a good example from excellent teachers.


*our older daughter went to a Catholic school and we wanted to continue to have our younger one brought up the same way. We chose St. Joseph School because of the location and reputation. So far it has been exactly what we hoped for and more!


*it promises a good foundation both educationally and spiritually.


*I really love the family environment she is in everyday. I feel St. Joseph School gives her something to believe in that she wouldn't fully receive at a public school.


*we wanted religious and strong family values to be part of our daughters every day life. We wanted her to be surrounded by people with similar values. St. Joseph School has a family atmosphere and nurturing. The teachers are wonderful!


*we like the closenes of the students with each other and their teachers. We also like how the school is a safe and friendly environment at all ages.


*we understand the importance of a quality Christian education.


*we wanted to give our daughter the best opportunity for a strong academic foundation. We felt it was the best choice for a safe, disciplined environment with values rooted in the Catholic faith.





St. Joseph School's Class of 2010 - Christina DelRosso

"National American Miss Massachusetts Junior Teen 2010"

Christina's Story



Mass General Hospital "Queen For a Day!"

June 4, 2010

To Mrs. Lyons and her amazing kindergarten classroom,
Thank you all very much for the beautiful blankets! The children here at Floating Hospital greatly appreciate your kindness and all of your hard work. Each blanket is so special and unique and will definitely help bring a smile to their faces.  Each child can pick out his or her own and have something soft to snuggle with and take home. Thank you again very much and hope you all enjoy your summer!!
Andrea Pappaconstantinou
Child Life Specialist
Floating Hospital for Children

From: Mayor Jim Fiorentini:

Today, I honored some nice young kids and their teacher, Mrs. Lyons, at the St. Joseph's preschool. The kids and teacher made blankets and sent them to the kids at Children's Hospital in Boston, in support of one of their own who was hospitalized. Great kids-- all future Mayors.

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